Below are a selection of Animals Asia films that we can show to Groups, Schools or other interested parties. Please get in touch if you would like us to screen or provide copies of the films.

Tam Dao Video - Title SceneA Visit to Tam Dao Bear Rescue Centre‘ is a 20 minute film (created by Edward Richards) concentrating on the bears having fun at the Vietnam Sanctuary where Sarah and Dave Chilvers spent a day with Jill Robinson watching these happy playful bears exploring their brand new enclosures. You get to see the beauty of their surroundings and even a peek into a bear health check where Jill and Sarah give Suki a manicure!


untitled‘Cages of Shame’ is an award winning film by Martin Guinness that tells the gripping story of a mission to save 10 bears from a bear bile farm in China.

Share the inspiring rollercoaster journey of Animals Asia’s Jill Robinson and her team as they set out to close down the last remaining farm in Shandong Province and bring the bears back to safety and loving care at the Moon Bear Rescue Centre. This is a must see 45 minute uplifting film for anyone with a passion for the environment, beautiful bears, animal rescues or just great stories with happy endings.


photo (4)A Tour with Jill Robinson… inside the Moon Bear Rescue Centre, China

This is a 15 minute film of Animals Asia’s founder and CEO Jill Robinson MBE taking the viewer on a guided tour around the rescue centre in China where you get to see many of the gorgeous moon bears enjoying life and it gives you an insight into the day to running of the sanctuary.

Moon Bear Rescue: A decade on…’ chronicles Animals Asia Foundation’s passionate mission to secure the freedom of hundreds of endangered moon bears trapped on cruel bile farms throughout China and Vietnam — sometimes for up to 30 years.

Narrated by Animals Asia Founder and CEO Jill Robinson MBE, this deeply moving film exposes the reality of Asia’s bear farms and uncovers the myths behind the multi-million-dollar bear bile industry.

Witness rescued farm bears enjoying their first taste of freedom and marvel at the resilience and forgiving nature of these animals as they rediscover what it means to be bears after years in cages no bigger than their own bodies.


 great_walk_image_film‘The Great Walk’ was produced by Environment Films Ltd in 2007 for the Animals Asia Foundation. The 20 min documentary narrated by Terry Waite CBE follows a group of fundraisers as they boldly trek along the Great Wall of China, raising funds for Animals Asia.


‘Moon Bears Journey to Freedom’ is a one hour Animal Planet special filmed over a month on site at the China Rescue Centre. This exciting documentary, directed by a dear friend of Animals Asia, Libby Halliday, showcases the growing support in China sparked by our work to end bear farming and is a wonderful in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the daily trials and tribulations involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of these beautiful bears. 


‘China Bear Rescue...the beginning’ documents the poignant and uplifting story of the arrival, rehabilitation and miraculous recovery of the first group of beautiful bears to be nursed back to health by the Animals Asia team at our Chengdu Rescue Centre. Recently updated to include the development of the sanctuary, the incredible rescue of the Tianjin bears, and how our work is beginning to have wider impact as news of the bear rescue spreads across China.



Eddie, a gorgeous little tan mixed-breed, now works as a “Dr. Dog” in Hong Kong, showing all that meet him (as he says) “how wonderful we dogs are”. But he wasn’t always so lucky – in fact, he was rescued by Jill from the horrendous Hua Nam live animal market in Guangzhou, while waiting slaughter for the table. This 16 minute video, narrated by Eddie, poses the question: “Dr. Eddie: Friend….or Food?”…..though of course, the answer is obvious!